Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekly Goals



It's been almost a month since I posted!

Um, hello, where did you go?

I know I haven't been asleep because I'm exhausted, lol. 

Needless to say, it's been a little busy around here.

Lots of activities with the hooligans and I think I spent the rest of the time with my nose in a book, lol.

Here's the plan for the week

Finish up bedroom closet(I came up with a new deep cleaning/decluttering system. I pick one room to focus on for the week, then break it down into 5 parts. That way I only have to work for an hour or 2 and I dont get burned out. Last week was our bedroom and I had one day that I spent in the car, so I need to do my last section, the closet)

Start decluttering office

Do mending and sew on Baby Girl's patches

Grocery shopping

Continue listing items for sale

With all of my normal stuff that needs done, this is all the extra I'm going to try to squeeze in!


Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekly Goals


Sorry y'all, it's been crazy nuts around here. 

Mostly the weather, which throws a monkey wrench into any plan. 

But here's to hopefully good weather from here on out, and my ability to get on the computer because Joseph is working, lol.

I can't believe March is flying by.

Yes, it's totally because my oldest turns 17 on Thursday.


Anyways..most of this week's goals is cleaning the house and party planning.

Personally, I'd like to skip the cleaning but....

Wash Curtains

Finish up laundry

Clean living room and bathroom from top to bottom

Fix Thing 1's cake

Finish purchasing party supplies
Continue listing items for sale
Organize Thing 2's clothes
Take Thing 1 to renew her permit
Birthday Lunch!
Go with Baby Girl's girl scout troop to sell cookies
And that's about it. It should keep us busy(thankfully the kids are also on Spring Break so I have extra hands) 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekly Goals


Busy, busy, busy.

That seems to be the new motto around here.

With it finally warming up, there is a ton of stuff that needs to be done.

Like yesterday. 


Here's some of the pressing things this week

Make some Mayonnaise

Work on back room

Continue to list items for sale

Start work on garage

Get to park to walk track at least twice this week

Pickup items from Sears

Order last of Thing 1's birthday presents

Work on cleaning out kitchen cabinets

Start Compost bin

With regular chores, this should keep me pretty busy.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Weekly Goals

A monster of a head cold prevented many efforts last week, especially any that required moving. 


I had to work double time at the end of the week to catch up. Some of the fun stuff got put on hold.

Here's the plan for the week.

Finish up slippers and leg warmers

Tackle paperwork on the desk

Continue decluttering

Continue listing items for sale

Sew new badges onto Baby Girl's girl scout vest

Make bread crumbs

Work on back room

Make grocery list

Finish mending

With regular stuff and errands, I'm just going to keep my list at this.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekly Goals

Last week of January.


Just a whole lot of little things need done this week. Plus I desperately need to finish up a couple crochet projects. And get through a library book. 

Here's the plan

Catch up last library book

Finish slippers and leg warmers

Sort coupons

Drop off expired coupons at local community center

Clean off top of refrigerator

Clean out refrigerator

Continue decluttering

Continue listing items for sale

Finish up mending

That should keep me busy with all the regular stuff to do!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekly Goals

Umm, hello last week, where did you go???

It didn't help we had a couple of unexpected things come up(like one of Thing 1's teeth broke and we had to waste half of Friday afternoon at the dentist)

I kind of doubt this week is much better because it's supposed to be cold and Joseph will prob be home.

Here's the plan

Clean out big freezer

Clean back room

Work on decluttering

Catch up paperwork

Mending-Joseph's hoodie, jacket, and take in waist on Baby Girl's new pants

Catch up library books

Make trip to library to print out stuff

That should keep me busy with regular chores that need kept up with.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Weekly Goals

Now that the kids are back in school(hopefully for the rest of the year, lol) I can get back to normal around here.

And boy do I have a lot to do.

Here's the plan:

Finish up quilt squares for Girl Scout swap(due Wednesday, yikes!)

Clean basement floor

Clean off top of refrigerator

Clean out small freezer

Catch up paperwork

Find containers to help organize the girl's room

Fix drawer on TV stand

Mending-Joseph's hoodie, jacket, and take in waist on Baby Girl's new pants

Take Thing 1 to oral surgeon consult

That really should keep me hopping all week with regular stuff added in!