Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Backwards Works For Me Wednesday

Shannon over at is having a BACKWARDS WFMW this week. So my question is, what are legit work at home ideas, that don't involve selling a product(already do Jordan Essentials, or opening my computer up for viruses. I currently can't babysit, we are remodeling. I know I see several moms that do Pay Per Post and surveys, but was just wondering if there was something else. I don't want to make a fortune, I'd be happy with $300 a month(to cover children's extra curricular activites), any extra will be used to fuel my photography and craft addiction. Thanks in advance!


Playful Professional said...

Two words... mystery shopping.

Ribbon Rock Star said...

Do you have a craft? Something you make that would be willing to sell on ebay or etsy.

I started PayperPost and Blogvertise last month and brought in right at 300.00.

Good Luck!


mom_of2boys said...

I do Inbox Dollars, Pinecone Research and blog for a local website. If you have a bachelor's degree, you could score papers.

tootie said...

You can always sell things on eBay. It's not too time-consuming, and you can make some decent money on things that you don't use anymore.

And best of all, you can choose how much or how little to sell, so you can adjust it to meet your schedule.

vanessa said...

I sell on e-bay. I love it. I even like going to yard sales and finding cool thing to sell. How much money you make depends on how much time you put in to it.

Candace said...

Great question!
I am interested too.
It's so hard to try to make ends meet on one income these days.

Kali said...

Work from home for I love them!