Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Complain and you will be rewarded

I made a cake that I had stashed in the cabinet. Well, of course I was out of frosting. I had to go purchase my Sunday paper so I grabbed a tub of frosting(using a coupon of course) and headed home. After dinner I went to frost the cake, I was searching for my favorite frosting spreader and my dear husband put his finger in the frosting to taste it. He made a terrible face and told me to taste it. BLAH! It was nasty, tasted like plastic. We got our 8 year old son(the resident sugar expert) and he nearly turned green. I got the idea to file a complaint with the manufacturer online. My hubby took it back to the store, complained enough they gave him the $1.37 back and bought a different brand(tasted fine). I got an email today, they are refunding my money(the full price!) and sending me some coupons. Not bad for about 5 minutes of work, plus my husband paid me a compliment, he said he likes me being stingy now.


Candace said...

You go girl!

MOMMY said...

I had something similar happen with Bisquick-I made a great chicken soup and added Bisquick at the end for dumplings-all you could tast was SALT! The Bisquick was awful!!!! The company ended up sending me my money for the Bisquick, a coupon for a free box and $10.00 for the ingredients that I lost in the soup!!!!!!

I had never done that before but boy did it pay!!!

Niki said...

Way to go!

It pays (literally) to speak up!