Friday, March 21, 2008

Easy, cheap diaper rash treatment

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This suggestion came from my grandmother when my oldest(now 11) was born. At the time, I thought grandma had lost her mind, but I learned quick that she hadn't. My oldest was born in March, so about the time she got to moving around, it was getting hot out. And what to friction and heat usually produce? One heck of a diaper rash. I tried every gooey(and expensive!) cream out there. One day, we were over at her house and I was in the process of cleaning off her fire engine red behind and my grandma said not to put anything on just yet, she had something. About 10 minutes later. she came in with her cast iron skillet full of brown flour. She sprinkled some on her bottom and closed up her diaper. When I went to change her next, the redness was already going away.

So my frugal tip is take your skillet(preferably cast iron according to grandma) turn the stove on medium, get it warm before you put anything in it. Once it's warm, put about a cup of all purpose(gives new meaning to that name, lol) flour in and keep stirring. You want a nice even, brown coloring. When the color is reached, take a Ziploc sandwich baggie(I divide it up in 2, one for the house, one for the diaper bag), place your flour in it. Seal it up and you are ready to combat diaper rashes!

I have learned this works best when first applied to a clean, dry butt. If it is already gooped up with diaper cream, it won't worked so well.

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