Monday, March 31, 2008

End of March Review

Phew! I'm glad March is over. That was an expensive month and we did not go anywhere. The roller coaster weather cost us a small fortune. Spring break brought lots of rain and the newly unfrozen ground soaked it in and deposited it in basements, mostly ours I think, lol. Everything was floating in our basement. The water drowned out our furnace and hot water heater. After a couple days, we were able to get our water heater relit but the circuit board was fried in our furnace. We called around and finally found a place that would apply the repairs toward a new furnace if we decided to replace it. There went $600. We started the slow clean up of the basement. The furnace kept acting stupid so we decided to just replace it. There went another $2800(we get $250 back from our utility company in a rebate). Ugh. Then my washer quit. Another $600 shot to heck.

I only finished $99.60 under my grocery budget this month. I blame that on Easter. We shelled out about $40 just on groceries for dinner, then the majority of everyone that was supposed to be here, had the flu. At least we ate ham all last week. Blech. I should not want ham for at least another year now.

This month might be a little lighter on the grocery bill, hubby is going home to Tampa for a bit to check on his dad and do some work there while we are stuck in a rainy spell here. Me and the kids can make a whole chicken last a week, none of us really care for meat(well, except hubby). I see easy dinners of soup, sandwiches, and salad in my future, lol.

My household goods spending barely made it under budget with only $7 to spare. I do have $32.96 in rebates to send in for Walgreens, $10 in RR, and a cushy $31.91 in ECB for CVS. We have a ton of toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, bar soap, and an assortment of cleaners and air sprays. Unless I can get these for free, I won't purchase any of these things. I am hoping when I go to CVS tomorrow, I'm hoping they have the Soft Soap Body Washes in stock. I also need to make my monthly run to Sam's tomorrow to pick up cat food and litter.

Didn't get the car sold yet. Hoping when the stimulus checks starts going out we will get rid of it then.

The sewing machine is now piled up with Easter stuff still. Maybe in April....

I hope everyone else had a good month! I'll work on my goals for April later.

Have a happy and frugal week!


MOMMY said...

Here's hoping that March is a MUCH less expensive month for you!

I have to ask, what are ECB at CVS? We have a few CVS stores here but I never shop them because I figured they were more expensive than Walmart (where I tend to get anything non food but still considered groceries for us). How does it work?

I am starting goals for April too-wanna help clean out a closet or two??? I am dreading that chore!!!

April said... Check out her site. She has a link titled CVS 101 and a Walgreens 101, both help me alot get familar with how those stores work