Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Oyster Awareness

What did one oyster say to the other?

Shell you later! (Can you tell I have children?)

Since my husband was born and raised in Tampa, I have to be on my toes on how to prepare him his beloved seafood (safely!)in a landlocked state. Oysters are low calorie, provide a protein punch, and contain zinc, vitamin B-12, plus omega-3 fatty acids. These little mollusks can be prepared a variety of ways from steamed to grilled, to yes, even raw.

Most people are aware that undercooked or raw foods can pose health risks. Our environment is composed of many different types of microbes, most harmless to healthy individuals but some can pose serious risks to people with compromised systems.

Over at http://beoysteraware.com/index.html there is some handy information on Gulf oysters, including the post harvesting process, symptoms and treatment for the Vibrio vulnificus bacteria, signs that you might be an at risk consumer, educational materials, and some even yummy looking recipes!

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