Friday, March 28, 2008

They do exist!!

I finally found some Venus Razors at Walgreens. I had a few minutes to kill before I needed to pick up the older 2(and I needed a loaf of bread) so I ran by the razor section to check. Yippee! There were 4, and even though had 4 $4 of coupons(and it wasn't busy so i could pay for them separately) I only purchased 2 to get the rebates(I send 1 form in under my mom's name) So I spent $5.99, plus got $5 each in RR, and then I can send in for the rebates.

This is what my mom had waiting for me. A local church came to the apartments handing out food and personal items to everyone. She said the man asked her if she had children and she said only 3 grandchildren. He then handed her 2 boxes with 12 tubes of this toothpaste!

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