Saturday, March 22, 2008

Weekly Recap

The older 2 were on Spring Break this week and to quote my son "This spring break isn't very springy" lol

I hope everyone had a better week than I did. First, the screen on my laptop broke(on a laptop that is less than 3 months old). Toshiba said it was covered under the warranty, so we sent it in. Then they called us a couple days ago and left a message on the answering machine that it will cost almost $500 to fix!!!!! What happened to being covered under the warranty?????

My husband has been working so he hasn't had time to call them and let them know they are out of their minds!

Then it rained and rained and oh, rained some more. Our basement flooded. Laundry was floating(my laundry room is down there) and it snuffed out our hot water heater and the furnace. Thankfully, the hot water tank dried out and we got it relit but the circuit board in our furnace was fried and cost almost $600 to fix(and we had to because it's still chilly here at night). To top it off, the repair man was quick to point out about another $1000 in more repairs that need to be done. We are looking to replace it, so we are getting bids on that.


So I have laundry that I need to wash(and oh my god, there is A LOT of it) and we shot all my grocery and household frugalness on one repair call.

I hope everyone else had a better week!

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