Thursday, March 6, 2008

What I scored this week

I'm so excited, I never win anything(my oldest usually wins it all), I got an email today that I one a 4 pack admission to the circus(was a contest sponsored through our local paper). The kids are always covered for admission, you can't step into a store in town that doesn't have free passes for the kids. The adults, on the other hand, have to pay $17 A PIECE(this years price) to get in. That's $34 just for 2 of us to get into the door! We usually end up paying(it is always here around my oldest's birthday), never mind the second mortgage you have to take out for snacks, dumb light up toys, and god forbid if they want an elephant ride. Ok, I'm done with my rant, lol.


I'm ashamed to say, I milked Walgreen's for all I could this week. Well, I had coupons! I hit a new one everyday.

Day 1

3 herbal essence conditioners

used b2g1 and $2/1

1 aussie shampoo, 1 conditioner

used $2/2

1 old spice red zone body wash

used $1/1

total before tax...$11.67 earned $12 rr

2 packages ivory soap

used 2 $0.35/1

price rang up as $2.39 and still earned $4 rr (I was in a hurry and didn't ask why)

Day 2

2 packages zest soap

used 2 $0.25/1

$3.65 earned $4 RR

Day 3

2 packages olay soap(which I believe are the last 2 in town)

used $2/1 coupon

2 bottles 11 ounce dawn dish soap

on sale for $0.99 each

used 2 $0.25/1 coupons

2 bottles febreeze air effects

on sale 2/$5

used 2 $2/1 coupon

2 boxes candy

$1 each

total before coupons $12.98

used $5 rr(was about to expire)

OOP $3.70(lady behind me said "Holy crap") earned $4 rr

It would've been cheaper but had my older 2 with me and I had to have a bribe for dragging them through another Walgreens. Hubby just rolled his eyes when I walked in with yet another bag of stuff.

Day 4
2 packages Olay soap
used $1/2 coupon
oop $3.38 earned $4 rr

I plan on using my RR to stuff the Easter baskets and buy some deals later on in the month

Me and hubby went to the Goodwill store to find him some work pants(he's a brick mason, so they get ruined) We didn't find any in his size but for my 8 year old son I found 2 new pair of jeans and 1 pair of dress pants(just in time for Easter!) for $7(all of them still had the tags attached)
Found a nice jean jacket(practically new) for baby girl for only $1

One of our local Dillons(Kroger) stores had an overstock on half a gallon whole milk. Bought 6 for $6.34

I didn't even make it to CVS this week. The only things I'm really interested in from there is the monthly ECB deals(toothpaste, toothbrushes) so I might go there Sunday.

Hope everyone else had a frugal and fullfilling week!

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