Saturday, March 22, 2008

Why I chose Pay Per Post

Back in December 2007, me and my husband came to a mutual decision that I would start staying home full time due to a lack of affordable childcare for our then 11 month old. After using the Internet to try to brush up on cutting expenses be couponing and bargain shopping, I stumbled across the lovely world of blogs. Being a newbie in Blogger Land, I kept seeing posts on how people were making money. Curiosity got the better of me and I checked out Pay Per Post myself. Wow! I can earn money without getting out of my jammies, in between chasing an active toddler and taking care of a house! The best part is, I make the decisions. I can decide how much I want to earn and what I want to write about. It fits into my schedule and my lifestyle.

Do I need to earn extra money? Seriously, who doesn't. Earn some mad money for those pair of shoes you have been eyeballing in the mall or online. Save it for Christmas. Put it in an emergency fund. Use it to pay down debt so you don't have to get a second or third job. Use it for just yourself or like me, will probably be spent on my three munchkins. Or my husband, or the cats and dogs. Granted, it will more than likely be there to support my craft habit whenever I run out of ribbon or need some pictures printed, but it's nice to know that even though I am stying home, I help contribute to the household financially.

Check out the link at the right side of my blog for yourself to start posting yourself to become debt free(or to those really cool pair Manolo's!)

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