Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Works for me Wednesday

I have a terrible time of losing socks, or should I say, everyone in this family has a terrible time at losing socks. I try to buy the older 2 kids each the same brand of sock, but my oldest daughter loves the cutesy ones, especially if they have frogs or something to do with dance on them.

Anyways, when Baby Girl was born almost 15 months ago, her socks were so tiny I bought a mesh bag to wash them in so they wouldn't get lost in the black hole of the laundry pile. When they are clean I keep them in a small plastic box then as soon as I(or she) pulls them off I put them in the bag. They can go from washer to dryer all together.

Then a couple months ago I had a revelation, if it works for Baby Girl, why wouldn't work on the older 2, who at 8 and 11, couldn't seem to keep track of their socks. I went and bought 4 more bags, they each place their dirty socks in one(they hang the bag on the end of their beds). Then when I do laundry, all I have to do is grab the bags and toss them in the wash. I replace the bags with empty ones so their are no excuses. After the socks run through the wash and dry, I just put the whole bag in their drawers. The cycle repeats. If I could find bigger bags, I would do the same for my husband.


Angie Hopkins said...

that is a great idea! I'm going to have to get a mesh bag for baby Camryn's socks. Thanks!

Angie Hopkins

Candace said...

I have the bags, they just seem to disappear as well!!

MOMMY said...

I have the bags too but they sit in a drawer! I just found them two days ago and now they are sitting on top of the dresser! Your post motivated me though, I am going upstairs to put get them.

I bought ours at the dollar store and have others that I use for puzzle pieces and games with small parts-hey maybe that is my WFMW next week! LOL