Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April Review

Wow, I can't believe April is over already. It seemed to fly by. I spent most of the month trying to get the house in order and chasing Baby Girl non stop. I think I'm ready for a vacation. I wanted to keep tabs on more of our spending(not just groceries and household) so I've been in a constant state of chaos trying to keep every receipt together. I did good while Joe was gone to Florida but since he has been back, it's been more of a guessing game on his spending. I am seriously considering taking away his debit card because that man can blow some money. Not just $20 here and there, hundreds of dollars, folks.

Toshiba sent my laptop back UNFIXED. So much for a warranty. Joe said last night night he was probably just going to go get me a different laptop. I told him(pardon my language) to call Toshiba and have them fix the damn thing. I actually like the laptop. If there happen to be any Toshiba people out there, please honor your warranty and fix my laptop without charging us $500 for your defective equipment!!! . He went on about how it would just be easier to go buy a new one. He's taking Thing 1 to dance tonight and said he was going to Best Buy while she's in class(which means, he is going to spend an obscene amount of money on something)

ok, here are some of our numbers for the month

Grocery $356.82 $143.18 under budget I did a lot of stocking up this month with some of the great Kroger sales. I'm starting to buy more items from there and staying out of Walmart more

Household $178.97 $28.97 over budget grrrr a couple of factors here 1. kids were overfeeding the dogs and I ended up having to buy extra dog food(the birds loved all the Pedigree BTW) 2. I'm spending less on items but buying more. Please tell I'm not the only one. I think because I can get a great deal, it's ok to get more. It doesn't help there's practically a Walgreens on every corner of this city either. I'm TRYING. The best way I found to limit myself is not take my whole coupon binder with me when I go somewhere. I made out envelopes for CVS, Walgreen's and Walmart and only put what I need in there. Hopefully I can tame this beast. My whole point of doing this was to spend less, not more.

Gas $240 (just one truck) I can't drive Joe's work truck and since he has been home, we have been just using the Ford. We have been limiting our driving and try to only have 1 day where I go to the store.

Eating out $130...only 1 time did all of us eat out($35 of the bill), the rest is for little $3 and $5 trips to get sodas at Sonic or $1 biscuit at Mc D's. It doesn't help there are 4 fast food places between our house and the school, so temptation is great. I am seriously working on this and hopefully with school getting out in a month, this will be non existent.

Misc spending .. hold your hats, $1,600... that includes $200 plane ticket for Joe to fly back, $200 for 2 concealed weapons background checks, $800 for a shotgun Joe bought after he had been home for 2 days(his explanation was it is a $1,600 gun and the guy at the shop sold it to him half price over all the frustration he has had on getting a pistol fixed) $50 I spent on kid's clothes this month. The rest is odds and ends for tools, ammo, and whatever else Joe has bought in the short time he has been home. I seriously don't even want to know what he spent while he was in Florida for 2 weeks.

Good news for the month
Since we replaced out furnace last month, out gas bill was down $90 from usual. If it's still low this month, then I'll be happy and can justify spending the money on the new furnace.(one good side is that it doesn't sound like it is going to explode every time it kicks on now!)

I started doing little things to earn some money. I wasn't sure on how they would payout, so I just started out small. Here are the breakdowns on what I earned this month

cash crate $14.40
Pay Per Post $28.14
loose change $18.63
Pinecone Research $3.00
Money Revolution $25.00
gave my mom a haircut $5.00
Birthday $ from my grandma $20.00

total $114.37(over half of my daughter's dance bill)

I can not get the referral link for the money revolution to work for some reason. Anyone out there know any trick to get it to post right?

$19.98 from Walgreens
$5 Handi Vac

I held off on the Cash Crate this month to make sure I would get paid. Now that I received a check , I will start back up on them. Pay Per Post is kind of hit and miss, I do have a pending referral so that will help. Anyone interested, click the link in my sidebar!

I have a ton of stuff I'm going to list on Craig's list instead of Ebay to avoid the fees. Hopefully, that'll add to my May income. Me and mom are planning to have a gigantic yard sale hopefully in June, so I'll keep everyone posted on that.I've never done less than $500 on one and this one should be extremely profitable because my grandmother, who's health has gone downhill a lot, wants to get rid of all of her stuff she has in storage, mainly very expensive holiday decorations and lots of odds and ends(minus whatever me and my mom want to keep)

Hopefully, everyone else is having a better time sticking with their budgets!

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Candace said...

Whew! What a month!
I'm tired from just keeping up!
It's great that you're seeing where all your money is going.
Keep up the good work on the grocery budget. Maybe take a week or two off from the drug stores?