Thursday, April 17, 2008

I've been tagged

Tasha at Comical Coupon Cents has tagged me for a 7 Things Meme

Here are the rules:
1. Link your tagger. Post the rules.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself (random or weird)
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Ok, here I go.
1. I have food issues. I don't like tomatoes but I will eat tomato sauce. I can't stand potatoes(made anyway) after they start to cool down. I have to eat them first. I don't like soggy bread. Can't stand seafood(which everyone else in the house loves) and I eat strange food combos...bell peppers dipped in chocolate syrup, tuna(with no mayo) salted and peppered on Doritos. Told you, strange.

2. I'm a closet weirdo. Think Abby on NCIS. Some ladies at a daycare where I worked nearly fell over when I told them I liked Korn. They had me picked as the "Mom of the year" type who wears sweaters and always brings cookies to the soccer game. Hey, you can still be that mom with tattoos(2), piercings(ears and nose), and strange taste in music.

3. I listen to every kind of music from Mozart to Marilyn Manson to Timbaland to Norah Jones. Oh, and Johnny Cash. I crave music on a daily basis and I am glad that there is such a wide variety to fits everyone's mood at any given time. My children love music also. Thing 1 plays the viola and is a dancer, Thing 2 is learning the guitar and loves his harmonica, Baby Girl loves to Boogey Down to anything with a beat

4.I'm a Sci Fi junkie. I have been to a Star Trek convention. Twice. I have a dictionary in Klingon. I once considered a career in archeology because Daniel Jackson(Stargate SG-1) is just so hot. I'm in line at the midnight showing of sci-fi movies.

5. I love kids and would have a house full but I hate being pregnant. Extreme morning sickness, bloating, heartburn, acne, blech! Joe says I have an unnatural amount of patience. I can deal with 20 screaming 3 year olds and it doesn't work my nerves. In fact, it's kind of fun. I worked in daycare for several years and miss it dearly

6. My dream job is to do photography(you can see my shutter buggness on Wordless Wednesdays) In my spare time I like to look at camera catalogs. I hinted I want a 12 mega pixel for Mother's Day but not sure if I'll get it or not(I hope!) I take 100 or pictures a week then I like to play around with them with Photoshop but I'm not very knowledgeable how to work the program(I need a class!) Joe said I need to enter some in contests.

7. Despite all my weirdness, I'm quiet.(Joe is the loud and opinionated half) I really prefer to stay home with the kids and blow bubbles on the porch. or dance around the living room. or watch a good movie.

Now consider yourself tagged. Post the rules and your 7 things on your site and leave a comment here when it's up!

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