Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Somebody catch me, before I faint


Equals me doing this

Here in my part of the country(SW Missouri) we have been spared some of the outrageous gas prices, until now! Regular is $3.12, Mid Grade is $3.22, and Premium(which Joe likes in the vehicles) is $3.32. I nearly fell over. The attendant asked me if I would like a free newspaper with my purchase. Well, duh! Granted it's only $0.52, but dang! I seriously need to invest in something economical, like a horse!
I just drove by the same gas station where I purchased it yesterday. It went up $0.13! I know it wasn't this high this morning. That's $3.25 for regular, $3.35 for mid grade and $3.45 for premium.

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Mrs. B said...

You are still spared! Gas on the east coast is $3.50 here.

God Bless,