Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tagged again

Candace at A Garden of Blessings tagged me for 5 Budget Busters

Here I go(granted I have a lot more but here are the top ones off my head)

1. My daughter's dance. Her classes alone are $190 a month plus Troupe dues($50) plus leotards, tights, shoes(which never last), competition costumes, regular costumes($335 for this June's recital!), competition fees, extra classes, camp...and I can go on and on. She has been doing this since she was 3 and dearly loves it. She goes 10+ hours a week, not including performances and master classes, so it does make up for the lack of any physical motion in school. I do resale a lot of her stuff(shoes and costumes) but for only fractions of what they cost. They also do a lot of fundraisers where the girls get back 75% or more of the profits. Her Troupe leader also gives us a price sheet in September so we have a pretty good idea of how much we need. Hopefully in a couple years, she can start working as a teacher's assistant to help with the costs.

2. Our technological dependence/desire. 4 computers, 1 laptop, 1 big screen tv, new camcorder, 3 digital cameras, various game systems(consoles and handhelds), DVD players, DVR, my oh so fabulous digital washing machine(that Joe didn't tell me how much cost until after we lugged it down to the basement!), mp3 player, ugh, the list goes on and on. The only piece of technology that we haven't replaced in the last 6 months is my cell phone(it's 3 years old).

3. Kid items, in general. My older 2 came home with Spring Pictures from school that were $27 each PACKAGE! $54 for not even enough pictures to hand out to all the family. Did I buy them, uh, yes. Book orders, class pictures, field trips, extra snacks, class parties, I swear, the school system can nickel and dime a person to death. I also believe that kids clothes cost as much, if not more than,adults. It's less material, why the high price? Baby Girl still drinks formula once a day(she is so little, we just want to make sure she gets enough nutrients). There's $50 a month for formula. Don't get me wrong, I love my babies and would love 3 more, but retailers have us in a vice grip when it comes to kid stuff.

4. My slight obsession with crafts. I don't do one craft, I do ALL of them. I think I could manage if I just had one I liked but oh no, I have to try them all. Photography, hair bows, jewelry, painting, digital stuff, candle making, soap making, plus I really want to learn how to sew and my mother in law said she was going to teach me to crochet. I wish I could get the nerve up to sell some of the stuff I make or enter contests with my photography to try to support my rhinestone lovin', E-6000 stuck together, rainbow painted habit.

5. Gas. I know this is prob on everyones list. It's started to hit us pretty hard because 1. Joe is a self employed Brick Mason and a lot of jobs require a good drive(usually including the truck being weighed down with tools and equipment). He recently started to tack on extra fees for out of town jobs. Unfortunately, this may result in less jobs, but we'll have to wait and see on that and 2. He goes back and forth between here in Missouri to his dad's in Florida to work there when everything is slow here and to check on his dad who started treatment for leukemia in December. In November, all of us drove down. We came home right after Thanksgiving, and a week later Joe flew back down. Since the beginning of December, he has made 4 round trips there. In December, the base price for a ticket was $89(he pays extra to choose his seat and to check a firearm into baggage). His trip to come home Monday, base price $170!(His total for the extras came to just under $200 one way) Same airline we always use. Right now, it is still cheaper to fly and not drive(the cost was right around $300 in gas to drive 1 way back in November)

I'm sure I could come up with some more budget breakers if I sat down and thought about it. (these 5 gave me a headache)

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Candace said...

Wow! Dance sounds pretty expensive.
You should sell stuff on etsy, I hear a lot of people do well with their crafty goods.
Gas is getting everybody.

MOMMY said...

Thanks for tagging me! I just caught this now as Ihave been off of the computer for a while-I will do mine tonight or tomorrow and post.

I still have to read all of yours! When husbands are home we get busy!! LOL