Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Thank you CVS

Thank you CVS for having exactly what I went for in stock. I do want apologize for the comment "Holy s***, they actually have what I want" that I uttered after I found the Soft soap Spa(and all 5 bottles I was limited) I know, I need to watch my potty mouth. Again, thanks. I didn't have to block the aisle or try to rework my coupons and scenarios with my 15 month old doing acrobatics in the cart or running off. I only had a brief thought that this was some cruel April Fool's Day joke, but it didn't last long, especially after my very long receipts printed out! Thanks again CVS!

Here's what I got
1st transaction
3 Softsoap Spa
2 lady speedsticks

used 1 $1/1 Softsoap
2 $1/1 Speedstick
$14.95 ECB

OOP $2.36
earned $17.97 ECB plus
my $2 ECB for winter spending printed and
$10/$50(I see a lot of diapers in my future) and
$3/$12 for hair care

Trans #2
2 Soft Soap Spa

used $5.98 ECB
Earned $9.98 ECB and
another $10/$50

Then I went to Walmart and got my free Glade oil warmers

And I got the flyer for our local Dillons(Kroger) and I see they are having the killer sale starting tomorrow that everyone else has been enjoying so far this week


Candace said...

You don't want me to have to wash your mouth out with Softsoap do you?
When I went, the shelf was empty. As I was wandering around the store trying to figure out what to get, I found a whole stash of the Softsoaps on the bottom shelf of an endcap. Someone was hiding them.
Luckily, I am skilled in the art of finding things where they shouldn't be.
Great job, April!

Amy said...

Great job! I know what you mean about getting frustrated when what you want isn't in stock. I had to take three of my kids with me during this week's shopping trips, and it is no easy feat.

~ Amy @ Memoirs of a Mommy

Denise Sawyer said...


I know what you mean...I HATE (okay LOATHE) reworking my deals at CVS - I really like it when it works out just right and it is an in and out kind of day!

Thanks so much for posting on the first ever CVS Superstars this weekend!!

I hope to see your CVS Stardom next week!

The "Cent"sible Sawyer