Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Being green and saving some green

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A good investment we made back in the winter for our sort of drafty house was 2 sets of the
Blackout Curtains for the living room windows. We didn't buy the more expensive tailored ones, we purchased the plain ones and hung under existing curtains. These reduced the drafts around our windows along with keeping heat and cool air inside the house. We noticed that the furnace/air conditioner runs less(especially in the hot evenings since these face west). Back in March, I purchased 1 set for my bedroom and noticed a difference right away.

My goal is to purchase sets for another window in my room and for the kid's room before winter. At $25 a set, they might seem like a lot, but with the less the heat and air run, that is more we save on our bill!


Melinda said...

I've never heard of the blackout curtains. I don't think the price is high at all. Sounds like they will pay for themselves!

Sonia said...

WoW we really need to invest in these, I've never heard of them, Our bedroom gets the morning sun, and its always hot. Thanks