Friday, June 6, 2008

Crunching the numbers

I love tea. Ok, I'm addicted. I gave up my Coke habit and switched to this beverage. Pre-money saving mode, I would buy premade tea at the store. Not the store brand either. The $2.34 a gallon Red Diamond Sweet Tea. Multiply that by a conservative average of 6 gallons a week and I was spending $14.04(at least). That's $56.16 a month or $673.92 a year. Yikes!

As you can tell, I never figured up the price I was spending. That's insane!

Since I have been home, I have faithfully made my own tea, whether it's 1 gallon or sometimes 2 a day. I never really figured the price I was paying but some recent sales on tea bags got me wondering which one the better deal.

I had some Lipton tea bags that cost $2.68 for 100 or $0.0268 a piece. Then I had some coupons for the Luzianne tea bags. I paid $0.96 for a box of 24 or $0.04 each. I bought sugar on sale for $1.69 for 4 lbs with says it contains 454 teaspoons.

Ok, here was my problem. I use cup fulls, not teaspoon fulls to make tea. Grrr. Plus I am not a math person. Numbers give me a migraine. I did a google search and found a site with this handy dandy calculator.

According to the calculator, I can get 9.45 cups of sugar out of that bag. So that means 1 cup of sugar costs me approx $0.18.

So here are my calculations (I just figure tea bag price and sugar)


.0268x6(number of bags)= .1608

.18x1.5(amount of sugar in cups I use)=.27

total for sugar and tea bags =0.4308 per gallon


.04x3(they are the larger tea bags)= .12


total = .39 per gallon

I thought the Luzianne would be more per gallon to make, but obviously not. Of course, the price will fluctuate according to the price of sugar and the tea bags(normally I just use GV brand for the tea and sugar but these were bought on sale) Overall, it is way better than the $2.34 a gallon I was happily forking over before.
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Michele said...

That measurements site looks great! I bookmarked it, and I'm sure I'll be referring to it soon. Thanks! :)

Thanks for visiting my blog! (Hmm... I think popcorn and tea sounds good now.) :)

I love the picture in your header!

Alyssa said...

I am inspired! I, too, am a tea lover. I need to make some of my own, great idea!