Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Grocery Game

I signed up four weeks ago for The Grocery Game. I had heard a lot about it and decided to try the four weeks for $1. The only stores available here were Dillons, Walgreens, and CVS. I scanned the lists every week and find a few things to buy(mostly from Dillons because I already had deals laid out for the other 2) At the end of the four weeks, I ended up dropping CVS and Walgreens. So now came the decision to keep Dillons. I figured I would give the eight weeks a try and if I wasn't sold on the idea, I would drop it. So Sunday night, I went through the list and planned my weeks menu by it. I then made my list with those items and got my coupons together(and e-coupons too!) I took Baby Girl to my mom's so I could go at this without my "helper". I only deviated a couple times on items I realized that morning that we were out of. Here's what I got:

3 Totinos pizzas(real healthy I know, they make for a quick hot snack)
3 Pringles
2 Eggo Waffles *
2 Ragu Spaghetti sauces
1 Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls
8 Lipton Noodles
2 Crest Pro Health Toothpaste
3 Oral B indicator Toothbrushes
1 Kroger Instant potatoes(my mixer went kaput)*
10 cans Campbell's gravy
2 Banquet sausage links
4 boxes Kraft Macaroni and cheese*
4 Lawry's Marinades
1 KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce
1 Snapple Vitamin water
5 Ragu pouch sauces
1 Cantaloupe
2.5 pounds Bananas
2.5 pounds grapes
1 Kings ford Charcoal
2 Neutra Air bonus packs(4 cans total)
1 loaf Dillons Bread

* not on original list
Total $134.30
OOP 68.50
$56.94 groceries, $11.54 household
Saved 48%

There was a few things I had on the list they didn't have, either they didn't carry them or they were out. Also, some of the prices were different, the sausage links were on the list as $1 but rang up $1.50, the Ragu sauce packs were cheaper than what was listed.
Overall, I was pleased. I was able to get a ton of stuff for my stockpile(gravy, sauces, noodles) I didn't need to buy meat this time due to stocking up last week.

If you want to check it out yourself, go to
www.thegrocerygame.com and sign up for $1(4 week trial) use hntersmom(at)yahoo(dot)com as your referral!


Alyssa said...

Awesome! I love the Grocery Game. I have used it for months, and save a ton.

Mom2fur said...

Great job! I've been doing the Grocery Game for several years now. I have two stores on my list. Believe it or not, there are some weeks I don't go to one store or the other because my pantry/fridge and freezer are really well stocked now. I didn't think that could be possible when friends told me they did it, but you watch--in a year or so you'll have a really small list! And unless I am completely out of something, I won't buy new unless I can do better than 50%. Free is even better!
I did try it for CVS for a while, but the CVS circular is so small that I can do that by myself.
You're off to a great start!