Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I just went in for milk and apples! Honest!

Yes, that's 8 double boxes of Suddenly Salad. I made a quick stop into the store by my house after dropping Thing 1 off at dance. As I ran by to go get milk out of the cooler, the clearance/scratch- n- ding shelves caught my eye. These were marked $1 a box. WooHoo! I stopped a nearby stocker and asked if there was anything wrong. She said a pallet fell on these and aside from the outside boxes being ripped or smashed, the inside packets are intact. I looked on the expiration dates, June of 2009. I scooped up these boxes(I did leave some for other people) and noticed the Yogo's. Pretty much the same deal, squished boxes. they were $0.75 each(as you can tell, the Thing's already broke into one.
Check your stores scratch n dent shelves! Or if you can't find any, ask!


MOMMY said...

Great find!!!! How are the Suddenly Salads? We have never bought them before.


April said...

They are not bad. I'd rather have made from scratch but these are good for an easy cold lunch or as a side dish. My husband will eat them and he doesn't like many prepackaged foods. I usually dress up a bit by sprinkling parmesan cheese on top.

Alyssa said...

Oh that is funny! Where ever are you going to keep them all? I think they are yummy too!