Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's here!

Isn't it B-E-A-UTIFUL??LOL
When we went to Best Buy to check out the Kodaks in person, I wasn't too impressed. The pictures fuzzy and something didn't click with me and the cameras(sounds nuts, I know) I was debating on getting the one Kodak that everyone said was the better of the 2 when I started browsing the displays. I picked up several before I found this one. Even Joe, who pretends not to pay much attention, could tell that was the one I wanted.

It's 10.1 Mega pixel with 18x zoom. Best Buy wanted more for it than the Kodak, but I was able to track a better price plus a memory card(Thanks to Amazon.com!) It looks to be a little more complicated than the Kodak, but I will learn all the secrets. I didn't get to play around with it much yesterday, it was nasty out and I had a headache but I plan to put it to some use during playtime at the Mall here in a bit.

I'm kind of sad also. My old Kodak has been so great. It took some fabulous shots(like my header) and has been with me since Baby Girl was a month old. Sniff. Joe better take care of it or I will beat his butt!!!!!!