Monday, June 2, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Anyone ever suffer Menu Plan burnout? I know the monsters need to eat but sometimes all I want to do is tell them to go find something. But, I know I won't do that, plus it keeps me from running to the store everyday. Since Joe is in Florida, it's light and easy choices!

Breakfasts(all served with fruit and milk)
Cinnamon Toast
Eggs(boiled, scrambled)
Yogurt and toast

Lunches(all served with fruit and a veggie)
grilled cheese with tomato soup
Chicken Salad and crackers
Ramen noodles with Shrimp
Salad and saltines

Roast chicken(leftovers used for chicken salad), rice w/ broccoli, biscuits
Ham slices, hash browns, green beans
Tacos, corn
Grilled fish, broccoli w/cheese, bread
Pizza, salad
Hot Dogs, Mac and Cheese, Peas
Clean out the Frig Buffet

Pudding and Vanilla Wafers
Rice Krispie Treats

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1 comment:

The writer and the singer said...

Light and easy is always good and I too suffer from menu plan burnout and I'm only feeding two!!
Good luck!