Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tag, I'm it!

Melinda at The Nest Egg has tagged me. Here I go

Name 5 Things I do for myself
1. Take time for crafts(whatever one I feel like working on that week) Current obsession:cross stitch
2.Hi my name is April, I'm 32, and I love video games. Especially Tetris.
3.Take time for photography. Even if it means carrying my camera in my purse
4.Once a week, I run a hot bath, pour me a glass of cold tea and soak, reading a celebrity gossip magazine
5.Coupons and bargain shopping. I hate shopping for clothes but I'm all for Q-tips, shampoo, and cereal!

Name 5 things I do for Friends, my children, or a partner.
1. Make sure the kids and Joseph have snacks and drinks that they like
2. Give my mom some of my grocery/household stash(she's on a limited budget)
3. Joseph loves a good back scratch. I'll stop whatever I'm doing so I can scratch his back for him.
4. I let Thing 1 bring her best friend along on many outings(her dad is a single father with 6 kids)
5. Bargain shop so I can stretch our money further

Name 5 kind things I have done for strangers
1. I have offered coupons to people while standing in the checkout line(more and more, they accept!)
2. We were dropping Joseph off at the airport and while he was checking in, I noticed and elderly man on crutches trying to pull a very large suitcase(his wife was pulling 2). I told the lady at the ticket counter, she called for a wheelchair and a person to push him. Me and Thing 2 went and brought their luggage to the line they needed to be in.
3.There are several elderly people on our street. When we are walking to the park, me and the Things will pick up garbage for them or run their paper to the front door
4.Help load groceries or entertain a few babies while their parent could get stuff loaded
5.Let someone use my cell phone if they were stranded alongside a road(sometimes, I drove to the nearest gas station to get a gallon of gas). I tend to do this more for a mother that kids in the car because I know I would sure appreciate the help .

Name 5 hobbies I enjoy
1. Photography
2. Crafts(I'll try anything)
3. Reading
4. Video games
5. Spending time with my "crew"(including the furry ones)

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Melinda said...

Thanks for doing the Meme! I enjoyed reading it.

I'm like you, I hate to clothes shop but love the bargain shopping!

That's nice that you take your daughter's friend under your wing. I'm sure she loves it!

It also sounds like you have a soft spot for the elderly! :)