Thursday, June 5, 2008

We interrupt this frugal moment...

...too inform you, that I have to spend more money on ridiculous stuff.

I love to watch Thing 1 dance but sometimes I swear, her dance school thinks you can just pull money out of thin air. I went last night to pick up her costumes and the lady at the desk ask me if I got the note for Hip Hop Costumes. No was my reply because Thing 1 said her teacher told them they were doing like Christmas and just putting their own together. Well, technically it's put together by us but they want a more "uniform" look so now we have to buy specific items. GRRRR!!!! She can wear her hoodie but she has to have a white t shirt(no big deal because we have a ton), black sweats(not gray like she already has), and instead of just wearing her regular tennis shoes(like they were originally going to do) they now need black hip hop sneakers.

Oh and they have to have their "costume" approved by next Tuesday.

Are you *@%*~! kidding me? I try to buy her shoes from Discount Dance supply or off Ebay because the shop at the school charges way more than what I can find there(they really hate that I take her there at the beginning of the year and have her foot sized in the different shoes she needs, then I know what sizes I need to find online) The cheapest shoe they have at the store was $40. I just looked on Discount Dance and the cheapest with shipping will cost $45. Looks like the school will get even more money.

Oh and another gripe. She has 3 separate recitals. And we only get 4 free tickets. So I will have to pay for 2 extra recitals so I can video them for everyone(still cheaper than buying a DVD for $40 a piece) Double GRRRR!


Candace @ A Garden of Blessings said...

Sounds like they've got more than just dancing fun on the brain,$$$$.
Sorry. It must be tough if she really loves it. Glad mine just like spinning around in circles!

MOMMY said...

Sorry it is such a pain! I don't know why they don't understand that $$$ doesn't grow on trees!!!!

My daughter did a few years of ballet and of course was sick for both recitals so we paid all that money and have NEVER gotten to see her in a show!!! We did get some cute dress up outfits though! LOL

I am glad that they do sports now!

Mom is Broke said...

I hear you. I have two kids in competition dance. My oldest is only 10, but she has been dancing since she was 2, and now does solos, small groups and other extra dances.

My son joind last year, and they were excites to have a boy in that age catagory. They keep giving him extra dances to be in to. Between the two of them and my husband doing the dad's group they are in 12 dances! That comes to a tune of over $10,000 this year!!! And we are skipping the big nationals trip to California, because we just can't afford that too.

They love it, and they are both good at it, but it is getting pretty crazy in the checkbook. If they did other sports I think we would have to cut back. But this is all they do right now, and they love it, and I do love to watch them too.

What we do for our kids!

Thrifty Florida Mama said...

I hear you and all the other dance moms out there! My husband is going to do the Dance Company website beginning in July so that we can at least get the classes for free from that barter. But we still have 2 girls in competition dance and oh! the money for costumes, shoes, leotards, specific tights, hairpieces, stage makeup, etc. etc. If they didn't love it we would just quit cold turkey.