Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Works for me Wednesday

Ahhh! I was awakened by the sounds of summer last night(tornado sirens) 5 hours before we had to get up for my favorite summer activity(summer school!). Actually, Thing 1 was excited too(she is a strange child).
This is my first summer home with the monsters full time. I got used to making them someone else's problem. I started researching some entertainment ideas a few weeks ago. My advice is to check around locally for free/cheap activities. Most place with a park system are more than happy to give you some suggestions

Here is some of mine:

Movie Theatres offer discount movies during the day(usually around $2)

We have an abundance of pools.Many offer admission for $1 or 1 canned food item to swim between 5pm and 6:30(reg is around $2)

We also have a fountain downtown that the kids can play in for free

Several downtown activities include Shakespeare in the Park and movie night in the park(all free)

Thankfully, the kid's brought home recommended reading lists for the summer. I plan to use this with the Public Library's Summer Reading Program and at Barnes and Noble. They can earn free books and treats

Summer's only 4 weeks and in the mornings but it is something that will get them out of the house. Thing 1 is going for fun and Thing 2 is going out of necessity

Work, work, work..Thing 1 is mowing lawns under her Dad's supervision. If Thing 2 helps, she has to pay him a portion

Summer is when we can get a lot of crafts done. The sweltering humidity makes it unbearable to go out(unless you are in a pool) Thing 1 is already working on learning cross stitch

We have a decent park system. There are a ton of local parks in town, a nature center, and several lakes just outside city limits

My older 2 recently got new bikes(Thing 1 got one for her birthday in March, Thing 2 because he outgrew his) Even Joe ended buying himself one. they ride everywhere and seem to enjoy it. They want me to get one but my fat booty would break the bike.

We have a Minor League baseball team here and even though we really don't like sports, we are going to try to go to at least one game. You can purchase seats(ok the grass) for about $5 each.

We have a park set up to be like a farm, complete with hay rides and more. We plan on checking it out sometime this summer

And if all else fails and I still hear "I'm Bored" I have a nice list of chores they can do(like cleaning off the fridge, laundry, etc)

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Great ideas. Thanks for posting.