Saturday, November 1, 2008

October Review

October got off to a bad start, first my grandmother passed away and then Joe lost his wallet in the Orlando Airport on the way home. The bad part, it had almost $2,000 cash in it. Needless to say, it still hasn't turned up. I hope someone has a Merry Christmas with that money, part of that was to finish up my kitchen. grrr. Here's some more of the numbers:

$288.30, $211.70 under budget. Woo Hoo! I grew our stockpile and kept the bellies stuffed! That means I averaged $9.30 a day for 5 people.

$77.92 $72.08 under budget. $40 of that was for cat and dog food too. I've been keeping my CVS trips as low as possible and we are so stocked up on stuff, I'm just really rolling ECB and RR's when needed

$19.84 I set a budget of $20 for 3 kids costumes and only spent $8(2 pairs of fairy wings for the girls and a can of black spray paint) and then I got 2 bags of candy. My MIL ended up buying Thing 2's costume because I told him he had to make one so of course he didn't want too so grandma took pity and bought him one.

Eating out
$22. Wow! It's never this low when Joe is home. One time I got Baby Girl some fries when I was running errands, then I got her , me, and Joe lunch off the value menu at Wendys, and then the big chunk ($14.84) came when the Things spent the night with my mil and I picked up Thai food(at lunch prices) for the 3 of us.

Various spending
$120, this included some paint I needed, furnace filters, school expenses, etc.

$110 not bad! I'm glad gas is down(currently $1.93 here) but I know it won't last.

Totals for the month $1,225.22

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Melinda said...

You did great!

After seeing your monthly reviews I think I'll start keeping track in January. I think it would be fun and hopefully see it as a way to save money and make a goal to stay under budget!

I saw your bargains on your other post. I sure wish my town had a consignment store! You can't beat bring in clotes and getting more for free!