Saturday, November 8, 2008

super savings saturday

I spent way too much this week. I made the mistake of asking Joe to go to Walmart with me earlier in the week. That alone resulted in $27 spent on a ham.


The oatmeal was free, 2 of the toilet papers free, 1 was $0.49, the Herbal Essence was $0.83 each, the H2o was BOGO so $0.50 each, the Purex $1.29 each. I bought a few more things for a total $26.42, saved $25.45 or 50%


I went to use some ECB's expiring and pick up the Crest Pro Health. Guess what, they didn't have it. So I wandered aimlessly around the store for 20 minutes trying to figure something out.

They had Halloween clearance 90% off so I picked up the pencils for $0.05 each and the 4 cookie cutters for $0.06 each. The 3 Johnson's buddies soaps were $0.57 for all 3 after coupon. The Gum was a last minute filler. I paid $0.81 OOP and used $7.98 in ECBs, earning $0. Saved $21.33


Trip #1 I took Joe wth me. Bad idea ladies if you are trying to minimize spending. I ended up with a $27 ham, 6 pack of V8 juce, and a $2.27 jar of pickles all unplanned. He also rew in a $5.56 box of Italian sausages but I prob would have ended up with them anyways because they were reduced with 16 in the box(3 meals for us)

OOP $78.50 plus I picked up yarn and a Halloween bucket for Baby Girl(OOP $0, pt on a gift card)

Trip #2 I had to yet again yesterday(thank my mil, she has me hooked on crocheting now!) plus we needed bread and we decided we are going to start working with Baby Girl to get her potty trained(sniffle) Walmarts clearance was only 75% off but the price of the shirts were mighty nice. The long sleeve for Baby Girl were $1. Perfect for playing in. I found me one for $2. The Betty Crocker potatoes were $0.38 after a coupon! I wished I had more of them. The Microwave Mac&Cheese were $0.38 each after coupon. We don't have a microwave but I'll send these to my mom's for a quick bite to eat when Baby Girl is there(she's disabled and it's hard for her to cook)

I ended up with pears, ribbon, tote boxes, and more...OOP $8.02, $28.80 was paid with gift card. I saved $38.80


Joe bought some stuff he wanted OOP $17.75, saved $1.50

Totals for the week

Grocery $123.98 Holy smokes!

Household $7.75

Saved $87.08

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