Monday, June 1, 2009

Cleaning roundup

These shelves are my catch-alls. They are right by the kitchen and seem to pick up everything(not to mention, you can see them right when you come through the front door!). I mean everything. Books, papers, cd's, DVD's, craft supply. money(ok, I don't mind them catching money), lotion and more. This area is SUPPOSED to house bills, envelopes, cards, books(I have no room for my cookbooks in the kitchen, so they are along the top), and a couple knick knacks.

I put the spray paint in the basement(I had it for a craft project, I wasn't out tagging :)) and all the craft supplies in it's appropriate area elsewhere. CD's and DVD's went to their appointed shelves, too. Books found homes around the house(minus the reference set and a cookbook that won't fit on top) School papers went in the file with the rest of this years keepers and various pens and markers went in my desk drawer. After a good wipe down, here's the end project:
The top has some knickknacks and my change box. The shelf below it has my junk basket, Thing 1's dance trophy, and the envelopes in the back(behind the basket). The third shelf down now houses the bills, address labels, cards, and business size envelopes all in a repurposed basket. The bottom shelf houses the books and even has room for me to put our library books there(instead of on top of my computer monitor.) I even found $0.77 in change(I'm pretty sure it belongs to Thing 2) and a $10 gift card to Sonic and a $20 card to Steak and Shake! Woot-woot!
And it all only took 30 minutes(I did it during Dragon Tales so Baby Girl would be engrossed in it and not what I was doing).
Later today(during Baby Girl's nap) I'm tackling the desk because it looks REALLY messy now that the shelf is cleaned. Yesterday, we did our storage(aka JUNK) room and cleared away enough stuff to fill the back of our Ford F150 bed FULL of trash and items to be recycled(old monitors, cardboard boxes, etc) It feels very liberating to just let go.

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