Saturday, September 12, 2009

Super Savings Saturday

I came across an awesome yard sale on Friday. They had oodles of stuff but I'm on a decluttering mission so I limited myself on what I bought.

The picture frame was $0.50. it still had it's original $12.99 price sticker on the back. I really don't like red so I make a project out of repainting it.

The pack of printer paper was $1! Just a couple months ago, I paid over $4 for a pack at Walmart. I really should have picked up a couple more, but didn't have enough small bills

The Light In The Attic and Where The Sidewalk Ends were only $0.25 each and they are practically new. Thing 2 really loves these books(he checks them out from the library periodically) so I was happy to find them for him. He actually went to bed at 9 last night so he could read :)

At a sale later in the day, I found Thing 1 some Capri's for $1

My total spent, $3!

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Katie said...

Way to go! Don't you just love yard sales?! :)