Thursday, November 5, 2009

Baking day wrap up

I need an "I survived baking day"button! Phew! What a workout for someone who's never done that before! It was fun at the same time. I really need to get more organized and definitely am planning NOW for the next one. Next time, I plan on borrowing pans from my mom because this would have gone a lot smoother if I had more to use.

Here's what I did:

Buttery Bread Machine Rolls. These are delicious! We ate half with dinner and I froze 12 for a later use. I plan on making a pan of these again for Thanksgiving

2 pumpkin pies. I'm taking these to my mil's for Thanksgiving dinner. I figured it would less stressful to make them now instead of waiting the day before.

Chicken Tetrazzini. We ate 1 serving at dinner Tuesday(delicious!) and froze 2 more for later use. I did end up using macaroni noodles because I had a supply of them.

48 muffins, 16 each of Chocolate Chunk, Blueberry, and Strawberry. I froze 3 bags of 12 and we have 1 container we've been munching on since Tuesday!
I also made a Sourdough bread starter!

I can't wait until next month. I'll prob do a lot of dessert breads, frozen cookie dough and maybe fudge to give as Christmas gifts!

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