Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Monthly review

I can't believe it's November already! It's seems like school just started! Here's some of the numbers for October

Groceries $572.12 $72.12 over budget.Ouch! I shopped way too many Mega sales! I also picked up a whole ham and turkey at various stores to stick in the freezers. A sickness resulted in some extras(herbal tea, popcicles, jello, and Sprite) that I hadn't planned on. November, I'm forcing myself to keep under $100 a week.

Household $56.82 $93.18 under budget. Most of this total was diapers for Baby girl. I got a lot of free dog food this month using sales and coupons

Medicine $58.75, $31 over budget. Usually I only have my regular heart medicine but this month I got a piece of glass stuck in my foot that had to be cut out. I had 2 antibiotics and pain pills I had to take. Then Thing 1 got the viral throat thing going around and needed some soothing relief for her throat.

Gas $87, yikes. I'm barely going anywhere!

Money made
$50 from car payment
$5 Jimmy John's gift certificate for submitting a craft idea
$10 gift card for listing this site's button on my page
I also cashed in some money from a couple survey sites but the checks haven't arrived yet!

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