Friday, November 13, 2009

Super Savings Saturday

What a week. I managed to find a few good deals!


Mentos gum isn't the only thing I bought! Thing 1 got all gung-ho and put everything up before I could get pictures
Here's some of the deals:
Mentos gum $1.28 each-$0.55=$0.73 each(6)
Blue Bunny Aspen bars $4.18-$2=$2.18/box(got 2)
Hershey Kisses $2.50-$1=$1.50 each(3)
Crisco Vegetable Oil $2-$1=$1(1)
Philly Cream Cheese $1.50-$1=$0.50 each(2)
Nesquick Strawberry $3.24-$0.50=$2.74(1 canister)
Mt. Olive pickles $2.42-$0.50=$1.92(1)

Toys R Us
Many knows that TRU was running a spectacular deal on board games. Unfortunately, I didn't have a lot of spare money to take advantage :( I did get this for Baby Girl for Christmas. $3.99-$2 MIR=$1.99


This was actually my second trip of the week. I had a Shortcut expiring on these 3 things and wanted to take advantage!
Pullups $9.77-$2 Shortcut-$3 coupon=$4.77
Nestle cookies(tonights dessert!) $2-$0.55 shortcut=$1.45
Tabasco $1.55-$0.55 shortcut=$1
Trip #1
everything here was bought with coupons, except for the cat food and a 20 ounce Dr. Pepper
Paid $22.19, saved $62.77

Total spent this month $200.63
Total left $199.37(set a limit of $400 fr the month)

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