Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Monthly Review

Sorry for my absence. We've had some issues this month. Hopefully I'll get back online soon. We ahad a light spending month. Thankfully. Well, aside from gas. Here's some numbers

Groceries $375.49, $24,51 under my self imposed budget of $400. Not bad. It was kind of hard. $18 of that is cupcake's for Thing 2's Christmas party at school(since we can't send anything homemade)

Household $35.86 Not bad. Due to lack of funds, a friend bought a bag of dog food and a pack of diapers, then I managed to scrape up some gift cards and use them for diapers the rest of the month

Gas $151, yikes. due to an issue we are not staying at our house. This means extra gas to drive across town 2 times a day(even on weekends) to check on our pets. Hopefully, we'll be back at our house soon!

Money made
$50 from car payment
$75 for a magazine article
$6 from Pinecone research
total $131

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