Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year Goals

I've never been one on resolutions. I try to accomplish what I can and not beat myself up over it(too much!) Here's some of things I hope to accomplish this year.

Reduce our grocery bill to around $450 a month.(currently $500)

Reduce household to $100(currently $150)

Get Baby Girl potty trained(this will definitely help with reducing the household expenses!)

Continue on my decluttering mission. I realize this won't happened overnight because it took us years to accumulate so much stuff.

Find ways to make money. I've tossed around babysitting on drop in basis to bring in some extra cash. I really want to continue writing and would like to find more opportunities to get paid for it.

Make more time for my hobbies.

Exercise more. I was starting to walk laps before the weather turned cold. There's really no inside place here that is free so it's kind of got put on hold.

Do a bigger garden this year

Start paying down on old bills. I got copies of my credit reports and yikes

Reduce, reuse, recycle. I do pretty good about reusing but the whole recycling thing seems to overwhelm me. My goal is to recycle one thing at a time(like newspapers)until I get into the groove of it and then add another item.

Go back to cooking from scratch more. I started off the beginning of last year really good, then once summer hit, I started relying on prepackaged snacks and stuff. I'll definitely be using once a month cooking to my advantage.

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