Friday, December 11, 2009

Super Savings Saturday

I came across way too many deals this week! I especially went nuts at Dillons.


4 boxes Snuggle dryer sheets $1.87, used 4 $2/1=FREE!


3 All Laundry soap, $3.50 each, used 3 $2/1=$1.50 each


Huggies diapers, $8.97, used $5 ECB from CVS Advisor Panel=$3.97 plus will get back $1.50 from Upromise and $0.75 from Cargivers Marketplace. Final price=$1.72


I went NUTS at Dillons this week. Just nuts!

trip #1

Bisquick $4.65-$0.60 cf-$0.60 SC- $1 coupon=$2.45

Duracell batteries(5 packs) $1.88 each-$1 P&G-5 $1/1=$3.40 for 5 packs

Warm Delights (3) $2 each-$1sc-$.50CF-3 $1/1=$1.50 for 3

Pet Fur Fighter $9.89-$4CF-$4 coupon=$1.89

Reames frozen Noodles 2@$1.50 each-2 $1/1 coupons=$0.50 each

Progresso Lentil Soup (2) $1 each-$0.50 SC- $1 coupn= $0.50/2

Pantene $3.99-$1P&G-$2 coupon=$0.99

Parkay $1-$1 coupon= FREE

Organic salad mix $3-$1 coupon=$2

Organic frozen berries $2.99-$1=$1.99

Organic carrots $1.89-$1 coupon= $0.89

I bought an insane amount of things. Almost everything I had coupons for, minus spaghetti sauce and pasta that were on sale for $1 each. My receipt is somewhere in the truck so I dont have and extact amount on how much I saved but it was 53%.

OOP $77.98

Trip 2

This was for a couple things I forgot from the day before

Thera-flu $4.99-$3 coupon-$2 ecoupon=FREE!

2 Chex mix $2.85 each-$.50 sc-$0.50CF- $1coupon=$3.70/2

Ronzini pasta2 $1.67 each- $1 Upromise= $1.17 each

Karo Syrup $2.49-$80 coupon-$0.40 Upromise=$1.29

Fleishmann Jar Yeast($5.99) and King Arthur Flour($4.29)-$3.50 WYB KAF and FY-$.40 FY from UPromise-$0.50 KAF Upromise=$5.88 for both

OOP $20.69, saved $19.02 or 47%

Im keeping my budget for the month set at $400. So far I have spent $200.36

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mom2priceboys said...

Tell me more about Upromise and don't forget to do your menu plan on MPM for the rest of the year.....Julie