Thursday, July 29, 2010

Frugal Fridays-Round up those gift cards!

You have them lying around. You know you do. Thrown in a drawer, at the bottom of your purse, stuffed in your wallet, everywhere! Well, take a few minutes, round them all up, and sort them by store. Here's the general idea of what they look like:

Every 6 months or so, I get tired of my over stuffed wallet or the pile on my desk so I gether them, sort them, then start checking the balances. Seriously, this is MONEY you have caked with a fruit snack and lint. Earlier this evening, as I was pondering on how to come up with the funds for school supplies(2 in middle school, yikes!) when I figured I do a round up. About an hour later(some of that time was spent de-fruit snacking one card that had the code covered), I found this much on some cards:

Here's the breakdown :
$15 to The Candy House
$25 to Bed Bath and Beyond
$5 to Starbucks
$10 to Subway
$4.99 to Burger King
$5.37 to Target
$9.37 to Walmart
$39.10 to Toys R Us
$3.21 to Pricecutter grocery
even $0.30 to Sonic and a whole penny to Build a Bear

Woohoo! The Toys R Us and BBB will be saved for the upcoming holiday season, and between Target and Walmart I should be able to purchase the majority of the school supplies for the Things(well, minus that pesky graphing calculator Thing 1 needs for Algebra, blech). Even still, that is money found I can treat myself and the crew with and save some of our cash!

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amanda said...

Lucky you! I use my gift cards right away :)