Monday, January 10, 2011

December/Final 2010 decluttering update

I'm so glad I participated! I didn't make it to 720 things(well, maybe if I had counted every single item!) but I overcame holding on to stuff. It's gone, bye bye, out of the house(and garage!)

At my last update(in September) I still had 173 things to go, here's how the month's shaped up

3 sad items

3 lawn and leaf bags of kids clothes Freecycled
3 Rubbermaid boxes of misc. items dropped off at Salvation Army
6 purses donated
8 mismatched sheets donated
2 pillowcases donated
2 broken shelves trashed
1 box of broken items trashed

9 bundles of magazines Freecycled(which was a total of 104 magazines)
8 magazines found a home with my MIL.
4 dead string of lights

Grand total of 49 items(but if i did a total of EVERY magazine that left, it would be144 items)
173-49=124 left(or 29 items left if I counted the magazines)

The bad thing is, you can't really tell, but I know what I did. I also know that this is just a small fraction of what needs to leave the house. ~sigh~ But I'm willing to take on the challenge this year!

Thanks to
Amy for starting this! And thanks to Nony for continuing it!

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Nony the Slob said...

Great job! That's a lot of stuff.

Thanks for linking up, and I hope you'll join in again next month!