Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pantry Challenge-Update

Well, we are surviving here with the Pantry Challenge. I didn't make a stock up run to Aldi's this week or hit the sales at Dillons. I did have to make a run to Pricecutter(not my first choice, trust me!) for milk, bread, eggs, coke, mustard, and a few other necessities to the tune of $45 . Here's a break down of all bought:

2 gallons of milk

2 quarts of milk from a local dairy(which one of our dogs broke as soon as we got home ~sigh~)

4 cans of beans

1 can Evaporated milk

2 jugs juice

1 pound of cheese

1 dozen eggs

3 containers of grits

2 12 packs of throwback Mt. Dew

1 loaf bread

1 pound brown rice

4 double boxes of Suddenly Salad clearanced to $1 each(I wish I would have got all they had!)

1 container of mustard

1 chicken wing sauce

1 chip dip

1 pack of pork rinds

1 box snack cakes

1 container ice cream-FREE(Baby Girl got a coupon for her birthday)

1 5" personal cake(all Baby Girl's, see above)

1 ham
4 bags of ribbon candy clearanced to $0.75 each

I think that's it! I want to go on the record to say I hate shopping with my husband...I would have spent $20 less because he had a case of the I wants.(pork rinds, special milk, wing sauce, dip, ham and snack cakes) If one of the kids ask, I can say no. He throws a big fit and I hear about it for days so it's easier on my nerves :)

Plus HE didn't want to go to Walmart so I didn't get HALF the stuff I needed because the store we went to is 25%-40% higher on stuff.

On the menu this week:

Breakfasts: Eggs, cold cereal, oatmeal, and toaster streudal(which have been in the freezer awhile and Im coaxing the kids to eat up, down to 2 boxes now)

Lunches is find your own

Dinners this week:Lasagna with salad and bread, Turkey potpie(using up leftover turkey in the freezer), Sausage with beans and rice and carrots, Beef stroganoff with bread and green beans, Taco soup, Steaks with baked potatoes and broccoli, Ham with pasta salad and carrots.

Hopefully, those will be fill your belly meals!

On another note of using what you have: I when I cleaned out my pantry, I found a bunch of dessert items(cookie mixes, brownies, etc) that Thing 1 is having a good time making. We've been getting a yummy dessert just about every night, made by her! I'm letting her make these because the expiration dates are closing in(I had them stashed in there for "just in case") and I want to get back on track of making most things from scratch. Right now this gives us something sweet, while I build up our staples pile!

Tuesday I need to put in our order for Angel Food(before I forget!) and come up with next weeks menu. My freezer is getting pretty bare, so it's going to be a challenge to keep the grocery trip low! Plus my mil is coming in the 29th to celebrate her birthday. I'm making an Italian Cream cake and spaghetti(which is a good, cheap meal that fills everyone up!)

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