Friday, October 7, 2011

My not so frugal-ness(what not to do!)

I have a bad habit. We tend to have several open bottles/packages of the same thing. I know, I know. Not a smart thing to do.

The mess on top on the fridge...4 open cereals, 3 bags open chips, 2 boxes open crackers, 3 open packs of cookies,  ahhh!!!

 2 bottle open syrup, sigh. I didn't bring out the 2 open bottles of Country Bob's or the 3 open bottles of soy sauce

3 open bags of potatoes(yes, this is totally my fault)

So, I combined 2 bottles of the soy sauce, hid the full one. And I combined 2 bags of the potatoes.The syrup will be taken care with french toast tomorrow morning. I combined 2 packs of the cookies(and I'll send one pack of them and a bag of cereal with the crew tomorrow when they spend the night at my mom's). I put up all unopened packages of chips, cereal, crackers, and syrup so the opened ones would be used first.

And the inside of the refrigerator isn't any better...I found 2 opened gallons of milk, 2 open containers of lettuce, and 2 open tubs of butter. ~sigh~

With several years of being frugal, this is definitely NOT how one should be! This just spoils food faster which is definitely not frugal!


Frugal in Florida said...

giggle. That made me laugh because that used to make me so aggravated! :) But now that the Boy is off to college, it's me & hubby that blame each other whent his happens (and I KNOW it's not me!) said...

Wow! That sounds like a consequence of distraction. I'm all sympathy! :)