Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Quick and easy crafts

We love crafts around here. It always looks like Hobby Lobby blew up in our living room on a regular basis. We have several store bought decorations but it's always nice to add some homemade to the mix

Door Wreath:

You will need
A wreath form(I got mine at HL with a 40% off coupon, cost $2 and some change) I've also used a round piece of cardboard(want to take the easy way out, use one from afrozen pizza) with the center cut out

Crepe paper streamers
various small decorations

 Take your wreath form and wind the crepe paper all around. Secure randomly with some hot glue.

 Do your layout before you glue. I used some plastic spiders, skulls, and made a ghost from some cheesecloth

 I strung the skulls to make a little dangly clanker. And the final wreath has the word BOO down the right side also(just made the letter on Word, sized to what I needed, printed and cut out.

This project took maybe 20 minutes(with interruptions) and cost about $3 to make

Candle holder

For this I reused a jar from a previous candle
then I just used a Scribbles paint with a tip and a printed design

 A clean jar, reused from an old candle

 My design. Just fold the paper and place on the inside of the jar. Secure with some tape and then use your Scribble paint on the outside to trace the design. Simple designs are the best, mine got a little gloppy but I used a toothpick to spread out some of the paint.
You can repeat the design or just keep on one side(like I did). Allow to dry and then place in a tea light and enjoy!

This project took about 5 minutes(not including drying time) and cost me $0.99(I didn't have black Scribble paint)

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Audra Michelle said...

I love it! Especially the candle holder. Both can also be reused and adapted for different holidays!