Saturday, October 1, 2011

Super Savings Saturday

Tons of stuff found this week. I know, I know, I'm trying to get stuff out of the house!

Joseph found this totally awesome air hockey table for only $20. Winter's coming so this gives the crew(and me!) something to do inside!

On my way to the store the day, I passed a charity rummage sale. They had oodles of stuff and I did very good at limiting myself. I got everything for $6.75 which includes 6 place mats, several Halloween decorations, a pretty blue plate I'm going to hang in the kitchen and a glass jar with the locking lid that I plan to use to make homemade sauerkraut!


I made a run the other day for some last minute laundry soap(ran out and the kids didn't tell me!). Luckily, I found some on sale and I had some RR to use since there wasn't anything else I needed to use them on

6 Purex laundry soaps, Buy one at $5.99, get one free

$17.97-$8.00 in RR=$9.97 for 6 or $1.66 each(not my best price but not bad for no plan!)

2 White cloud 12 pack Toilet Paper $5.97 each-2 $1/1=$4.97 each

1 Heinz white vinegar $1.12-$0.50/1=$0.62

2 Ken salad dressings $2.32 each- 2 $1/1=$1.32 each

2 Magic Shell ice cream toppings $1.98 each-$1/2=$1.48 each

1 Tetley tea bags $1.68-$0.50=$1.18

1 Emerald Breakfast on the Go $3.98-$1/1=$2.98

4 Boxes Kashi Pita Crisps $2.88 each-4 $1.50/1=$1.38 each

2 10 packs Bic disposable razors $2.94 each- 2 $2/1=$0.94 each

1 BC cake mix $1.25 and 1 BC frosting$1.72-$0.75 WYB cake and frosting=$2.22 both

1 Brachs chocolate covered peanuts $1.87-$1/1=$0.87

1 Always Infinity $5.97-$1/1=$4.97

1 Always regular $4.18-$0.50/1=$3.68

1 3 pack ivory soap $1.12-$0.35/1=$0.77

2 Sara Lee bread $1.98 each- 2 $0.55/1=$1.43 each

1 Colgate toothbrush $0.96-$0.40/1=$0.56

1 Brita 5 cup pitcher $8.97-$4/1-$4.97 plus submitted for up to $10 rebate, so will be free!

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