Friday, February 24, 2012

29 day organizing challenge

Even though this week was crazy nuts, I still made time to work on my mess. I tackled underneath stuff, minus under my desk. That one is going to take forever next week to do!

And the afters:

That is my stuff I'm selling in the storage tub, my mom's cat carrier which will be gone next week after I take flower to get spayed, and my laminator I don't have room for currently(which I will as soon as I get to the shelf on the wall and sell the printer)

Cubbies under gun cabinet. Just my file box that holds warranties and manuals, some cd's(which I found a holder so I'm going to ditch the cases), and a couple random things)

The left side cubby(I totally forgot to do the right side cubby, that'll be on next weeks)

Random trash from under the hockey table and cubbies

A box of stuff to donate,,game manuals, a few video games, camera case, books, packs of napkins, etc. I did sell 40 scratched video games this week for a whole $20, plus it helped clear out 2 boxes from under the hockey table :)

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