Monday, April 16, 2012

A rainy weekend equals a messy house

 An entire weekend at home stuck inside with three kids and several pets makes for a disaster on Monday morning! Woo-wee! It definitely took longer than 15 minutes to get it all back in some sort of order, but it looks better :)

The living room before:

And after:

Mucho better

And then on to the silverware drawer. Now, My kitchen only has one drawer and everything is in it(well, my spatulas and stuff like that are in a container by the stove) but this drawers holds everything else...


 I dumped everything out on the stove, put the silverware divider in the sink with some bleach water for a good soak, then I was left with a crumby drawer...

I shook it out and then gave it a good scrubbing. I put everything back in:

Big knives way in the back, stuff I use frequently up front..some sort of order(and why yes, I keep sharpies in my drawer for writing on freezer bags :))

Here's what didn't belong

The corn holders went in the jar with the rest, the lone chopstick found its way to the garbage, the beaters went in the box with my mixer, the weird looking black thingy went in Joseph's toolbox, as did the battery, round silver thing,  and socket attachment, the tiny bottle nipple(from the kittens) was trashed), the square blade went back with the french fry slicer, the penny put in Baby Girl's bank, the clip went on a bag of chips the crew opened yesterday, and the Rugrat toy went in the trash.

What I got rid of in addition to the three things I trashed that were in the drawer:

1 pair of swim trunks made $3

1 bunch of 8 ponytail holders made $2

1 mini photo album set made $10

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Naomi said...

Yeah for making money on the clutter! I too made a $55 credit at a resale store for some of my kids old clothes. I don't know about you but that was an added, unexpected blessing in all of this for me - and for very little effort! Don't you just love MSM's blog?! : )