Thursday, July 25, 2013

Home Redo on a Budget- Rocking Chair seat repair

Joseph has wanted a rocking chair forever. He recently purchased one at a yard sale for $30. The only problem was it had a hole in the seat.
A big one.
Joseph's reasoning, it will be an easy fix.
After some research, easy maybe, but slightly on the expensive side to replace the wicker.
So I got to thinking of a way to fix it to where it could be used to sit in(and not pile stuff) before I banished it to the garage.
And then it hit me, all I would need is some plywood and stuffing.
Now to gather supplies.
 Plywood(it was  a larger piece that I cut down. We didn't have any around here that wasn't warped so I asked Joseph to keep an eye out. He got some off a job he was doing and paid the guy $3)
Material for the cover(already had)
Staple gun
Poly Foam piece at Hobby Lobby for $7.99 used a 40% off coupon making it $4.79 before tax
Not pictured Poly-Fil to round out the front part(already had on hand)
The Poly Foam piece fit perfect on my cut board, so I didn't have to do any trimming there. after I place the foam on the board, I wrapped may material around it, smoothing the best I could(the material is stretchy, I didn't want  to pull it too tight so it would have some give) and started stapling.
After trimming and stapling, it was all wrapped up like a big present.
I guess I should add, before I stapled it all up, I put the poly fill on one end so there wasn't a severe edge where your legs would hang off.

All finished!
It's been a great temporary fix until we can be out the money to have the wicker replaced.
It's become Thing 2's new gaming chair(although I think Joseph has only sat in it once, sigh)
Time to completion, right under an hour. That includes cutting the board, and a search for more staples and reloading the gun.


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